2021 Interim Competition – Piano, Strings (not plucked), Wind (including Brass)

An Interim Tunbridge Wells International Music Competition will be held in 2021, ahead of the full Competition in 2022.

The Competition will have one, virtual round only, and judging will take place in March and April, with the results being announced on Friday 30 April.

Entries for the 2021 Interim Competition are now closed.

The Interim Competition

The Tunbridge Wells International Music Competition is held as part of the Mayfield Festival of Music and the Arts to help and encourage advanced students and young professional musicians on the threshold of their careers. The Competition aims to support its winners in the early period of their careers.

Given the ongoing severity of the coronavirus situation and the extent of current lockdowns, the Competition Council has taken the decision to defer the main Competition to 2022. However, in order to give young musicians who are so currently constrained, a chance to perform, compete and receive feedback from high quality judges we are running an Interim Competition in 2021.

There will be one round, which will be judged virtually by video audition.

There will be three sections: Pianoforte, Strings (excluding plucked strings such as harps and guitars or similar) and Wind (both wood and brass).

All entrants will receive written feedback from the Judges and up to eight from each section will be selected to receive a Certificate of Merit or Distinction. In each section, up to three Certificates of Distinction will be awarded by the Judges for outstanding performances.

A cash prize of £100 will be awarded to those receiving Certificates of Distinction. Those receiving Certificates of Distinction may be offered performance opportunities by the Competition and our partner organisations, as circumstances permit.

Further details of the Interim Competition are available here.

Message from the Competition Chair

The 2021 Interim Competition is a departure from our normal format due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It offers entrants an entirely safe and secure opportunity to compete and receive feedback from our distinguished panel of judges ahead of the full Competition in 2022.

I should like to wish you every success in this Interim Competition.

Mary Anderson
Chair, TWIMC