This is an outline schedule for the 2020 Competition which may be subject to change.

Round 1

Mayfield School, Wednesday 29 April – Friday 1 May 2020

Date Time Concert Hall Gresham Hall Chapel
Wednesday 29 April 2.15pm onwards Piano to 6.30pm Strings to 6.30pm
Thursday 30 Aril 9.30am onwards Piano to 6.30pm Strings to 7pm Wind to 6.30pm
Friday 1 May 9.30am onwards Piano to 3.15pm Strings to 3.45pm Wind to 3.15pm

Round 2

Mayfield School Concert Hall, Saturday 2 May 2020

Semi Finals Schedule Time
Piano 10am to 12.05pm
Lunch 12.05pm to 1.30pm
Result of Piano Section 1.30pm to 1.35pm
Strings 1.35pm to 3.35pm
Tea 3.35pm to 4pm
Result of Strings Section 4pm to 4.05pm
Wind 4.05pm to 6.05pm
Judging and tea 6.05pm to 6.30pm
Result of Wind Section 6.30pm
Feedback between judges and competitors 6.45pm


Mayfield School Concert Hall, Sunday 3 May 2020

Finals Schedule Time
General Introduction and Introduction of String Section 3pm
Strings 3.05pm to 4.05pm
Introduction of Wind Section 4.05pm to 4.10pm
Wind 4.10pm to 5.10pm
Tea 5.10pm to 5.30pm
Introduction of Piano Section 5.30pm to 5.35pm
Piano 5.35pm to 6.35pm
Judging, tea and results 6.35pm to 7pm
Results and award of prizes 7pm to 7.30pm